Why Us?

Why Choose Paradise Donuts?

The United States Department of Commerce has stated that franchising "helps small business compete against the giants". Franchising improves the odds of your success as a small business owner. The average failure rate in a new non-franchised business is 60 to 90%. This is not so with the Paradise Donut sector that boasts above a 95% success rate.

The problem with franchises is this:

  1. Extremely high up front fees avg. $25,000.00
  2. Royalties (monthly dues) 5% to 9%
  3. National Advertising (monthly dues) avg. 3%

Paradise Donuts solution

  • No Franchise Fees
  • No Royalty Fees
  • No Advertising Fees

Paradise Donuts has no franchise fees, as well as no royalty fees. Every Paradise shop is privately owned and operated. We provide help with site evaluation, store design,free delivery in most area's, hands-on training, effective advertising concepts, & training manual for donut production support as well as employee training. Paradise Donuts offers all of the positives without negatives.

The #1 question asked is- where does Paradise make their money?.....All this for FREE?....... It sounds to good to be true!

(We do require a few things for your success.)

  • We require you to become a licensed franchise store owner. This is so you have an understanding of a licensee relationship and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the Paradise Donuts brand.
  • We require you to have the desire and willingness to devote full time efforts to operate and manage your own business.
  • We require you to have a proven background of a solid employment history and pe
  • rsonal financial stability.
  • We require you to be loyal to the Paradise Donut concept and products.
  • We require you to buy all donut or bakery products, including all logo packaging, through Paradise Donuts.
  • As you read all of our requirements you will notice that everything we require from you is still FREE!
  • As a company with almost 50 years of experience we have created a name in the industry synonymous with quality. We are determined to give you everything we can to make you successful, because as a licensee "Your success is important to our success".

This concept of the way we do business, is the original way of doing business. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you! So, we truly believe in this message...

"Your success is important to our success"

Let's get started today!