Q & A

Q & A
  1. Q. Why is the Paradise name so important when starting my donut shop?

    A. As a Paradise shop owner you will have the opportunity to receive the benefits that are earned through the consistency of our business practices in servicing customers every day. When your costumers see a name such as Paradise Donuts it sends a clear message that their expectations will be met. They will fill confident in the consistency of their experience. Brands comfort and assure customers by providing reliable, well known quality products and services.

  2. Q. How much money can i make in the donut business?

    A. This, of course, is one of the most common questions we are asked. The most given answer is that it depends on your dedication to always serving quality product and giving quality service. In the donut business, success is usually in direct correlation to time spent and effort given.

  3. Q. How much money will be needed to start a Paradise Donut business?

    A. The cost of opening your store can be greatly affected by the amount of remodeling of the desired location that has been chosen to place your donut shop. On average a Paradise shop will cost approximately $40,000 to$60,000 to open. It is one of the best business choices for an individual or a couple who have the desire to start a business.

  4. Q. What is it that makes the Paradise Donut Corporation a better choice over another company?

    A. As a company with substantially 50 years of experience we have created a name in the industry synonymous with quality. We are determined to give you everything we can to make you successful, because as a licensee your success is important to our success.

  5. Q. Why does Paradise have No Franchise Fees, No Royalty Fees, No Advertising Fees, & help with location analysis, floor plans, training, & equipment packages? Whats the catch, this sounds to good to be true?

    A. No Franchise Fee- With most franchises the franchise fee is usually Blue Sky,it is used for nothing else but to lock you in to the franchise. At Paradise Donuts we want our Licensee to not feel like they have to be apart of the franchise, but to want to be apart of the Paradise family.

    No Advertising Fee - With all franchises you pay a monthly % fee for national advertising. The problem with this is, if you live in an area were there is no other franchises of the same company. You still pay the advertising fee , but you do not receive the advertising until the area grows. Paradise corporation believes that every store should be able to advertise freely for each individual location. This makes every stores advertising specialized in every location.

    Location Analysis , Floor Plans , Training - Paradise believes that theirService Program stands out from all of the rest. With the right location, proper floor plans, and the best training in the industry you will have the qualifications for true success.

  6. Q. How do i get started on opening a Paradise Donuts?

    A. Once you have decided to go to the next step. You will need to go to the home page and press the "getting started" icon. We have provided you with a request form to fill out with your information. This will help provide your area representative the ability to provide you with the right information packet for your area. Then your area representative will call you and discuss the possibilities with you.

Thank you for letting us be part of your business decision.

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