I personally couldn’t imagine using anyone but Paradise

Paradise Donuts Franchise Owners

I had been in the manufacturing field of business for several years, but with foreign competition getting so tough, I decided it was time for a change.  I had always wanted to be my own boss and with me being an early riser thought I wanted to give the donut business a try.

We researched every donut franchise out there and had come to the conclusion that Paradise Donuts was who we wanted to do business with. Everyone within the company was very knowledgeable and friendly, so our decision was easy.

Having been in the sales end of manufacturing and constantly dealing with customers, I can honestly say I have never been involved with an organization with such a high level of customer service.  They are always available for questions, concerns, comments, or just when you need an ear to listen.  They are truly concerned with the growth and success of our store and go above and beyond the call of duty.

Since opening the store we have had several people comment on the quality of the Paradise product.  They have stated how much better they like it over some of our competitors in the area.  We all agree the quality of the product is outstanding. 

If you are considering going into the donut business, I personally couldn’t imagine using anyone but Paradise.

John and Jupiter Wagoner

I would highly recommend the Paradise Donuts company to anyone

After spending 22 years in the wholesale grocery business, the 102 year old company was put under by top management and I found myself jobless. We decided to use the 5 years experience that my wife had in the donut shop business and my management experience to use and go into business for ourselves.

I met with both major chains in the area and Paradise was not only the one that thought I was serious, but they were so helpful in teaching me how to prepare, market and order supplies. They even helped me with my lunch menu which they don’t even supply for. I would highly recommend the Paradise Donuts company to anyone thinking of entering this business.

Thank You Guys,
Carl Wolfe